Voice of our Guests


Thank you Ulli & Joy, it was only a short time, but really refreshing my heart and my soul! Try to come again soon!

Elena Grubner Germany


Thank you all for the good services, the fine food, and the warm atmosphere you have created. It was an intensive experience in northern Thai lifestyle and to take part in everything what family is about. For sure we will come back soon not only to spread our holidays, but to see you all again.

Inge Mesterharm - Daehne
Nico Mesterharm
Film Director
International Academy Berlin


Joy's House is for me a nice, relaxing place with warm - hearted people around taking careof everything.Excellent food and nice rooms.The visit at your social project was one of the most impressive experiences of my life. I wish you all the best for the future and good luck!

Martino Petito


After the cold and cloudy weather in Germany we could find the warmth and the sun not only in the climate but especially by the people, men and women of Joy's House. We had the rare opportunity to spend the Christmas days together and could see how everyone take care of everyone,Farang and Thais.This is truly a joyful house - In the double meaning of the word - which we won't forget. We intend to stay again for a longer period in the near future.

Dr.Wolfgang Wagner
Renate Engler

Educational Director


Dear Joy, Ulli, Siriporn, Yai, Jarm, Dtong and all the rest of the family, thank you for the wonderful time we have had here at Joy's House. We have truly felt at home here, so much so that it is very hard to actually leave! You are all such warm, caring, friendly people - within a few days of our stay we felt like we were staying with friends, rather than just at a "guesthouse" It was an amazing experience staying at the farm and seeing for ourselves the wonderful work you do for the children, You all have such amazing spirit, and our stay here has definitely had a positive impact on our lives.
We wish you all the best for the childen, and much happiness for your family. Lots of Love,

Thomas, Helen, Tobi u. Chris



Had a wonderful time, wish you all luck and happiness, happiness, happiness.

Barbara Baumgartner
Travel Writer (MERIAN)


In Joy's House I had the most beautiful holidays in my life!

Renate Loose
Travel Writer
Stefan Loose


Thank you for making us members of your family & sharing us life in the real Thailand. I wish you success.

Carol Kernwik
Begawan Giri Estate Bali


Warmest thanks to all of Joy's family. It was impressing getting so in touch with you. That is what a traveler is looking for: getting in touch with people and taking feeling home. Thanks a lot for so many funny hours with all of you.

Claudia Gassner-Dittus
Ingo Dittus


Thank you very much to everybody in Joy's House, you are all so wonderful. It was a most interesting and enlightening experience for me to be here in the company of good friends & family. All the best and much love.

Prof. Elizabeth
University of the Philippines


I'm very sad, I have to leave now, I could have stayed much longer. I'm sure I will be back on day, until then I will be inspired by your style of living and keep all of you in my mind.

Katja Finke
The Bremen Spa for Medical Treatment

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