The Lanna-Kitchen

This regional kitchen is honest. You can taste every ingredient. Nothing is held together with some rubbery sauce. It can be mild and spicy, but - don't worry - you can determine for yourself how mild or spicy you would like to have it. Have a look how Joy's family prepares their own food: That is the super-spicy version, and is only reserved for Thais.

In Joy's House, food becomes a savory experience. Ingredients are countless and rich in variety: fresh fresh-water fish, marinated fish, tiger prawns, langusten, duck, chicken, salted eggs, rice noodles, mungbean noodles, rice flour, fermented soy beans, spur chilli, dried chilli, galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime, wild ginger, turmeric, sweet basil, bitter gourds, tamarind, etc., etc....

Look over the Cook's Shoulder

Of course you may wait for your entre', relaxing with a drink. But you may also look over the cook's shoulder. She chops, composes, sizzles, steams and seasons before your very eyes. She's happy to explain the secrets of Thai cooking. Learning by doing. If you would like to surprise your friends at home with a tasty Thai meal, you should book a private cooking class offered every day by Joy's House.

Lanna Kitchen
Lanna KitchenThailändische Küche