North Thailand Roundtrip 7 Days/6 Nights

Chiang Dao – Thaton – Mae Salong – Chiang Rai – Children’s Shelter Foundation- Chiang Mai Incl.  overnight, breakfast, dinner, tickets, transfer and program

Day 1: Mae Rim – elephants camp – Chiang Dao Höhlen-Tempel
On the journey direction Mae Rim we stop at the farmer's market. We visit an elephant camp where you get the chance to play with elephants and will detain us here up to the lunch. After lunch we will drive to Chiang Dao. Before we will visit there the famous cave temple we will get a Buddhist ceremony experience.
Overnight stay in a nice Resort near Chiang Dao.

Day 2: Thaton – rafting – life at the river
We will drive the second leg of the journey to Thaton – from the harbour we will make a rafting tour and pass many traditional villages, orange plantations and temples up to the contemplative Lahu village Ber "Ban Jakure". The day journey will give you a deep insight into the life on the river. Overnight stay in a nice Resort on the river.

Day 3: Hiking to the idyllic Akka village
3 hrs hike to a beautiful idyllic Akka mountain village.
There we will have lunch and get to know the village community.
We spend the night here in easy huts and will spend the evening together with the inhabitants. Who wants can do moreover a 2-hour hiking in the afternoon to the waterfall.

Day 4: Beautiful mountain village Mae Salong – Temple – farmers market
The next morning we walk back to our car and drive to the Chinese mountain village Mae Salong where we cover our Resort in the middle of a tea plantation. After the lunch you have time to explore the village and the small market by yourself. To the sundown we will visit together the mountain temple "Wat Santi Keyree" with marvelous view above the wide valley.
We eat in a typically Chinese restaurant with traditional dishes.

Day 5: Mae Salong – tee-farm – hiking - Chiang Rai
Today we get to know a family-controlled tea plantation in the mountains. We will try tea and walk through the beautiful valley and enjoy nature.
After the lunch it goes for wide direction Chiang Rai where we will visit the famous “white artist's temple”. We spend the night in the natural park Khun Korn.

Day 6: Bamboo forest– waterfall – holiday & helping
We make a light wandering through fantastic bamboo forest to the Khun Korn waterfall. After Lunch we drive the direction to Chiang May to our social project Children's Shelter foundation
Here the scenery will impress you. The children will welcome you at our 3.5-hectare-biofarm which lies in the middle of the forest.
After you have got to know the farm, you can harvest together with the children vegetables and prepare the dinner.
Then the possibility exists to have a bath in the nearby hot springs, we make available sarongs.
Overnight stay in the guesthouse at our farm.

Day 7: A morning on the farm – lunch - return to Joy’s House
You can spend your free time on the farm with the children or make a small jungle wandering.
You will get lunch at the farm, afterwards return journey to Chiang May, Joy's House.
Relax at the swimming pool and just let it be.

North Thailand RoundtripNordthailand Rundreise