Thai cooking course with Jumpee

The Secrets of Thai kitchen 
1 week Cooking Course and various markets experience
7 days/6nights at Joy’s House

About Thai kitchen
Thai kitchen is honest. You can taste every ingredient. Nothing is held together with some rubbery sauce. It can be mild and spicy, but - don't worry - you can determine for yourself how mild or spicy you would like to have it.
In Joy's House, food becomes a savory experience. Ingredients are countless and rich in variety: fresh-water fish, marinated fish, tiger prawns, langoustes, duck, chicken, salted eggs, rice noodles, mung bean, noodles, rice flour, fermented soy beans, spur chilly, dried chilly, galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime, wild ginger, turmeric, sweet basil, bitter gourds, tamarind, etc., etc....
Thailand has many different tasty cooking styles.
The kitchen of North Thailand tastes true like the mountain nature. It offers many herbs, short steamed vegetable, spicy grilled meat and sticky rice served in banana leafs.
Bangkok has exquisite mild tasty dishes composed in wonderful arrangements.
South Thailand will surprise you with red, green and yellow curries, many kinds of exotic fish variations and tropical fruits.

How to chop, compose, sizzle, steam and grill in Thai kitchen.
Jumpee, a member of our family is a wonderful cook and step by step,
she will open the secrets about Thai kitchen to you.

Daily Program:
In the morning you will see different style of the markets, where we will
buy all ingredients for the meal you will cook and also flowers and leafs for decoration.

You will enjoy at many small tasty food boots of the local people –
don’t worry, it will be safe for your stomach. 

Sometimes we go by bicycle to the traditional village markets; sometimes
we drive by car to the busy colorful markets of the city. We will also drop
at the temple to donate food for the monks – this we do by our heart and by
our belief.

Every day before lunch or dinner, you will learn to cook 3 Thai meals.
After cooking the family and probably also some guests will enjoy Dinner
with you.

Thai cooking courseThailändischer Kochkurs