Traditional Culture

Beside traditional ambience in Thai-Lanna-style you can get to know culture and tradition in everyday life. The children of our social welfare project Children's Shelter Foundation are gifted dancers and little masters in playing the traditional drum.

In Joy's House they are still able to learn the traditional Thai dance, the mask dance and the fire dance. On the occasion of a Khantok-Dinner or a celebration day they will feel proud to present all to you.

Moreover we are your partner if you would like to learn a few terms and idioms in the Thai language. You probably know already that it all depends on intonation! And it is impossible to learn that by dictionaries.


Culture in Joy's House

Look around in Joy's House and the beautiful garden: You can do pottery, paint a paper parasol yourself, learn Buddhist meditation, or learn which healing herbs exist and how they are used.

An art professor and friend of the house loves to teach about traditional drawing – if you want to join, you are warmheartedly welcome. Look around and never avoid asking. Mostly your wishes will come true.

Traditional CultureTraditionelle Kultur